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Why wouldn’t everyone choose a free school?  Well there are many reasons why free online schools are not selected by everyone.  To begin, free schools are paid for by public taxes and are therefore specific to states, and even counties, where the student must reside.  A student in Washington is not going to receive a free education in California at Californian tax payer expenses, and vice versa.  If there isn’t a free school available to you in your state, or even down to your local county, then your only other option is a tuition-charging private school.

Additionally, the quality of free online public schools is not always adequate for some people’s taste.  Students desiring a richer, more interactive experience may choose to enroll in a private school where the smaller classroom sizes allow for more instructional time with the teacher than what is made available in a tuition-free public online school.  Click the buttons above to explore which schools match your educational needs and your candidacy.

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