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Online High Schools in Texas

The following resource provides an ongoing list of online high schools in Texas.  It features both tuition free public online high schools and online private high schools. Keep in mind that admissions requirements vary widely. Some of the online schools are only available to legal residents of Texas, while others admit online students from around the world. In some cases, school enrollment is limited to students age 18 and younger, even when the school does not require its students to be resident in Texas.

Course offerings vary widely as well. Some schools offer middle school classes in addition to high school diploma programs. Some of the online high schools in Texas listed here offer the option to supplement a home school program or standard curriculum, while some are designed to offer a complete program of grade-level classes and semester-based instruction. We recommend that you use the criteria presented throughout our website to ensure that any schools of interest you meet the highest standards of academic excellence.

Texas Online High Schools:



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