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Online High School: California

To locate an online high school in or from California, use the list below. Some of the schools are tuition free public online high schools that offer classes only to California residents of high school age. Others are private online schools. As such, they offer classes and the opportunity to earn an online high school diploma to qualifying students regardless of age. Still other private schools do not require students to have residency in California.

Read any residency requirements closely. For example, some online high schools in California, while based in one public school district, have developed partnerships with several other school districts in order to expand access to students in more rural or remote areas of the state. Examine all academic claims closely, too, evaluating them in the light of the criteria, questions, and other resources offered on our website. For example, while most schools will claim to meet the needs of 21st century students, it’s important to examine those claims in the light of the actual academic and technology resources offered by the individual school.

California Online High Schools:

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