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Name: ACCESS Alabama Connecting Classrooms Educators and Students Statewide


Phone: 334.242.9594

Address: 5351 Gordon Persons Building, P.O. Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130

Public/Private: Public

Free/Tuition: Free

State where online school operates: Alabama

Geographically limited enrollments? Y/N if so…   Limited to high school students in Alabama

Age limited enrollments? Y/N if so…  Limited to current public high school students in Alabama

Full-Time, Part-Time, both:  Part-time supplemental courses

Accreditation Y/N, which: Not mentioned, likely not accredited itself but probably accreditation of students’ local high school applies to courses taken at ACCESS

Chain school?  State sponsored but not part of a chain of schools

Curriculum associated with school?  No distinct curriculum recognized


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