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How Long Have Online High Schools Been Around?

Online high schools have been in existence for some time. However, the new generation of online high schools have certainly evolved compared to older online high school models. Today, online high schools feature state-of-the-art online software, curriculum, and virtual classroom learning environments. What makes a next-generation online high school:
1.Next-generation online high schools offer state-of-the-art online learning software.

2.New online high school learning models embrace highly personalized models that are flexible, supportive and offer students dynamic choices to accommodate student schedules, remote learning, and self-paced learning.

3.Advanced online high school programs use online classroom communication tools that promote distance learning within a virtual classroom setting.

4.Online high schools that offer one-on-one learning models can effectively tailor online high school curriculum to student individual needs.

5.Professional online high schools offer dedicated programs to students staffed by highly experienced online high school teachers and administrators.


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