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Do colleges accept online high school credits?
Do colleges accept online high school diplomas?
Will colleges accept online high school classes?

Online high schools that are public state accredited institutions and offer classes certified by colleges and universities do not encounter problems with transferable online high school courses. In fact, many of the existant and upcoming online high schools are sponsored or founded by colleges themselves. However, not all online high schools are regionally accredited or offer fully transferable classes to all colleges or universities. Questions to ask in order to make sure online high school courses are fully transferable:

1.Is the online high school a fully accredited online high school?

2.Does the online high school comply with state colleges and university course requirements?

3.Does the online high school state their courses are fully transferable to colleges and universities?

4.Does the online high school offer any type of college or university accreditation?

5.Are local state colleges or universities familiar with the courses offered by the online high school?

6.What do other students or parent of the online high school say about the courses offered?


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