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There are many high quality curriculum providers for online high schools. A wide range of online high school content, teaching methods, and programs are available. Some of these curriculum providers work closely with school districts to offer more exclusive curriculum. Others online high schools not only provide curriculum, but use it in their own online high school programs. This information may be useful for online high school developers looking for curriculum providers to meet their online high school program needs. It may also be useful for students or parents wanting to choose an online high school based on the curriculum they provide.

Benefits of Online High School Curriculum Providers

Online high school curriculum providers offer programs directly to online high schools for less cost than outsourced online high schools where you have to pay “the middle man.” Competition drives competitive pricing and higher quality curriculum for school districts looking to partner with these companies.

Online high school branding: online high school curriculum providers provide online high schools with instant branding when their curriculum is utilized. Potential students or customers can search online high schools by the curriculum brand name.

Things to consider about Online High School Curriculum Providers:

Do online high school curriculum providers offer accredited high school diplomas? Similar to private schools, many online high school curriculum providers offer supplemental online high school courses and not the entire curriculum package necessary for graduation.

An alternate plan or plan B. If the curriculum does not meet the student’s individual needs, based on interest, readability, cultural level, flexibility or scheduling is there a plan B? Many online high schools provide curriculum from multiple curriculum sources for students with special needs. If a online high school is too closely affiliated with one curriculum provider, the curriculum may not be flexible enough or designed to meet special student needs. Look for online high schools that utilize multiple online high school curriculum providers or providers with comprehensive or complete curriculum geared toward online classes.

Online High School Curriculum Providers and Resources:

Apex Learning
Hoagies Gifted


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Calvary Online School

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