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Seeking an Online High School Diploma?

Getting your high school diploma online means finding the right high school online education.

It’s true. Getting a high school diploma online without the benefit of a complete education could actually end up costing you. That’s why, if you have been looking for an online high school diploma for free, remember that it’s even more important to find the school that’s best for you—a school that lives up to its promises.

While it is possible to get your high school diploma online for free, generally as a public high school online, you should first consider what the ultimate value of that free online high school diploma will be. To do this, consider all of the following questions as you evaluate each online school:

  • Is the online high school public? If yes, what type of public online high school accreditation does it have?
  • Does the school claim to offer free online schooling for a high school diploma? Can this claim be verified? For example, does the school guarantee in writing that students will receive free online high school education?
  • Have you examined all claims carefully? Does the school truly offer free education or does the “free” online high school diploma actually entail payment for other considerations? For example:
    • Does the online high school charge for books or supplies?
    • Does it require money up front or for classes?
    • Are there any hidden fees that may be charged during the school year?

Keep these questions and others in mind as you assess what’s on offer. You can also use our 3-Step Solution for finding the right school for you. For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions about earning a high school diploma online, please review our FAQ page.


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